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Trust in the Timing

“Timing is everything. The things you are praying for will show up when you are most ready for them.”

Often times I believe that we think about how to get there and we are often times very impatient. We want the end result, but the journey is more important than what we can reach at the end. If we actually got what we wanted right away, would it even be meaningful? I don’t think so. Think of college. If you instantly got a degree then you miss out on meeting new friends, crazy experiences, drunk nights out, important life choices, and the ability to learn how to work hard for good grades. We can’t just focus on the outcome because there are so many beautiful things that will be missed along the way.

I believe you meet people at certain times for certain reasons. You may think that it’s “bad timing” but it really isn’t. It’s the correct time. For example, two years ago I began a friendship with a beautiful soul named Liz. I would constantly go into her nutrition club for an outlet. We began talking and building this beautiful relationship. Little did I know that two years later we would be sitting at a picnic table pouring our eyes out having real conversations about our lives. Not just the easy, superficial stuff, but the deep, hard-to-talk-about stuff. I feel like we both needed each other. There are so many emotions to unpack and we relate on SO many levels. Even just seeing a therapist you can’t get the same sort of relief, because you know the therapist hasn’t walked through life in the same way.

Why did I walk into the nutrition club years ago? Because God knew our paths needed to cross and we needed that time to pour our hearts out together. I hold my tears in a lot of the time and say out loud that “I’m a robot” because I don’t let my emotions show. But that is the thing that I needed to happen on that day just a couple weeks ago at the park. I needed to cry and cry with someone that wasn’t going to tell me what to do in life, but that had empathy and the same type of scars on her heart. “Sometimes that’s all you need. Someone who gets it, a little light in the darkness. Some empathy in a cold world. A little understanding of the chaos inside.” Even as I am writing this I’m tearing up remembering, because the timing is just SO right. I wouldn’t have known this years ago, but I do now. If we met 8 or even 5 years ago we wouldn’t have been in the same place to relate on the same level. I appreciate God’s timing in this and appreciate this friendship so immensely. It’s that type of friendship that you know you’ll have forever because you connect at your cores. We both have hard exteriors and a shell up, afraid to get hurt because of past experiences in both of our lives. I know I have that sense of security when we talk. Every day I walk into her nutrition club I feel like I’m a part of something bigger and more positive in the world. It’s because she is this type of light that shines on everyone that walks into her life. Even when she doesn’t feel like that, it’s just how it is. Just this past weekend she rushed to her hometown to help SO many people in need because of awful destruction from storms that happened a week ago. Who do you know that would just donate so much time, effort and money at the drop of a hat to do what is best for people that they don’t even know? That’s Liz. Timing is everything.

“She found me at a time when it was too hard for her to believe in anything, and I forced her to accept nothing. We were just two souls that began to walk together, and the more we talked, the more we listened. And the only thing we were certain of is that we owned nothing but the very moment we were in.”

Think of a time in your life that you met someone and then your life got rerouted and it ended up working out for the best.

Trust in the timing. If something doesn’t work out tell yourself this isn’t the right timing for this to happen. You never know who or what life experience is just around the corner. Be flexible and adaptable to changes in life. Be resilient and don’t let situations get the best of you. Learn to detach from people, things and places that do not serve you or give you a positive mindset. Do not hold yourself back or doubt your heart. When you feel like absolutely NOTHING is working out, do something for someone else. It’s AMAZING how good you will feel after that. Serve those that can’t serve themselves. Focus on a positive mindset and an optimism, almost to a fault. Let yourself enjoy life. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. Allow yourself to feel the pain and vulnerability and release negative thoughts and emotions often.

All of this can help you enjoy the process of life and appreciate the timing of everything. It will all make sense. It will all be okay.

“God sends us exactly what we are ready for at the exact time we need it in our lives.”

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