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Leave Your Mark

How will people remember you once you’re gone?

I cannot be content. I am constantly making goals for my life. I am constantly staying active. I constantly want to give back. I’m writing the story of my life as I go. There have been SO many chapters that have opened and closed, but I’m still creating more chapters to write. My drive propels me into each chapter of my book. I will not stop trying to inspire others with positive actions in my life. I want others to create their book. Create their chapters. Why can you not understand how wonderful you are? You don’t have to do one thing in life. I can be an example of that. (If you haven’t noticed, I have a few different things going on in my life.) Just make sure you define your purpose. My purpose is to leave a positive mark on all the lives I’ve come in contact with, no matter what job I’m doing. Make them question their actions and values. It’s so easy to pick out the hardships and the heaviness in life. I often times have a HEAVY weight on my back with a million stressors. (And by “often times” I mean every day.) But I am HAPPY. I know the definition of happiness because I’ve felt it in my heart. I look in the eyes of my boys and my friends and I see my reflection being PRESENT for them and being there for them whenever they need. That is what I want to be remembered by.

My goal in life is to take darkness and stifle it. (Sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s the truth.) I want to create good energy and be the lit match in the darkness. It spreads like wildfire once it’s lit. If I can be the hope and create the lightness in people’s energy and in their life, then I have been successful in mine. Things can get bad in life (and it will), but there is ALWAYS a payout. Badness and darkness never last forever unless you wallow in it. I have always asked myself, “If you die tomorrow will you be happy with today?” Every night my day runs through my head and I think about how I’ve treated people and what kind of impact I’ve made on them each day. It allows me to look inward at my heart and question myself and my actions and make sure I’m putting out the energy that I would be proud of every day.

You have the power to manifest your destiny. Often times I look up to the ceiling in a room by myself and say “I’m going to make this happen. This is what I want for my life.” And more times than not, it happens. Believe in yourself. Make this year your year to be whoever you want to be. Don’t doubt yourself. Doubt only creates darkness and we don’t have the time to wallow in that. Live every day as if it were your last. Make your mark on every person you come in contact with. If you’re not used to being a giver, take a second each day to put the effort in to give someone a special moment. Smile at a stranger. Leave a tip. Open the door for someone. Give a hug. Buy a coffee for someone in line behind you. Crack a joke. A small gesture such as these can leave a bigger impact on someone than you can even imagine. If we all did such a small thing to improve someone’s day, think of how wonderful the world would be? Positive energy is contagious. Use it. BASK in it. BE IT. Never be content. Strive for goodness. Look back at today, if tomorrow was your last would you be proud of what you accomplished today?

What kind of mark are you leaving?

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