Don't You Dare Feel Guilty

As a mom, your world changes so drastically and circles around your kids. Their wants and needs. Our wants have to sit on the back burner. Our mind set totally changes. You don't feel sorry for yourself throughout life you just do what needs to be done. So this Mother's Day weekend was an interesting one for me. My husband took my kids out of town for the weekend and I couldn't join since it's my working weekend at the hospital. I wanted to be so excited for time to myself, but there is always some sort of words in my mind making me feel guilty about taking time away from my kids. No one says anything or mentions that it’s wrong to be happy about taking time to myself. It’s just an internal struggle for me. I want to be the one that my kids spend time with. I want to be the one that makes them their lunch. I want to be the one that reads them bedtime stories. That picks them up when they get hurt. GOSH, I’m soooo dramatic. It’s only a weekend that they’re gone. I need to be happy with time alone with no interruptions. So I finally convinced my mind, well most of it, that it was great to be able to have some free time after work. I was cleaning the dishes and kept saying over and over to myself that this is so great. Everything is clean and it’s staying clean! It’s amazing how that happens when kids aren’t around… But then I walk into my laundry room and see a big mess. What in the world?! My darn dog. TORO! Of course, when I finally go and accept that everything is great and so nice to not have to clean up…BAM. Toro takes the ant traps full of sticky goo and shakes them all over the laundry room floor. Ants and stickiness galore! A good 30 minutes of deep cleaning went by and then I just sat there internalizing everything.

Here's the culprit right here.... Haha!

I think Toro wanted to make me understand that I shouldn’t be wasting sweet time convincing myself to be happy. I just need to bask in the freedom of an empty nest for a short time! After all, they’ll be back in my care and I’ll be pulling my hair out once again for the pee that misses the toilet and is sprayed all over the wall and the food that splatters all over the floor. I want to remind all you moms out there, and stay-at-home dads, that it’s okay to be happy about having alone time. You’re not neglecting your kids. They know they are so loved by you. Take time to refresh your mind. Taking time away can make you appreciate them even more. It might even make you miss that puddle of pee on the floor. Okay, that’s reaching a little bit. You’ll never miss that. But you get the point. Yes, our world’s change so drastically when we become moms and dads, but you can still be happy and not feel guilty about taking the alone time you need.

Happy Mother's Day!

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